First a word from David O'Neill our illustrious leader and general all round good egg.


I have been associated with the e.m.u's from day 1 and its now in its 18-19th year. I have seen many people come and go but all the enthusiasm is still there and so is all the hard work the Marshalls put in. We have built up a great reputation with so many groups now ie councils, police, carnival committees ect ect and now the forces. We are growing from strentgh to strength and may it continue for years to come. Thank you all.
                                        David O'Neill
                                          Chairman of the Event Marshalling Unit Sheppey.

Alan H.

 What first prompted me to start doing marshalling is the thought that I would be doing something very important for our community and also giving me something to do at the same time,  it is also a lot of fun between different ages and sex's. Upon speaking to various police officers we are very much appreciated when working alongside them and doing various event's and I would like to thank all the team members for the fun and laugh's that we have and I hope there is many more to come.

                                           Yours Sincerely
                                             marshall,  Alan H

Paul Shipley

I was asked by a friend if i fancied helping out one sunday at an event, little did i know it would lead to me not only joining the emu's but becoming there fund raising co-ordinator,

i have done many varied events with them and love the feeling of team work, the interaction with the public and the variety of events we get to see, marshal and most importantly feel involved with. The EMU's have also enabled me to see a lot of things that i wouldn't have got to see and to meet a lot of very interesting people whom i would never have got the chance to meet otherwise.

i have met some great people through the emu's and made some even greater friends.

All i can say is bring on 2011,

                      Paul Shipley.

                         fund raising co-ordinator.


Tracey O'Neill



I joined the event marshaling unit not only because my dad runs it but because as i grew up along side the unit it inspired me to see how this group of people can help the community so much and as more people join the bigger they get and more events they do, i also used to see how they not only worked hard... but all got on well alongside who ever they had to work with, we take the unit seriously when it comes to the public and working but we also make sure we have a laugh too, we are a bunch of friendly easy going people who are great to work along side so its not a misrable day at the carnival now aswell as watchin for publics safety in our own time we have a giggle and spice the job up so its not so boring plus the wide varaity of events we do do there is always something to suit every1 and until the day i go i will always be there to stand by and help this group.

Tracey O'Neill.



Anna Luckhurst,


 i joined the e.m.u's because the family used to do it and i like doing it because u get to meet new people and help those that need it i love working with the group we all have fun on the events but at the same time we take the job seriously with the public, i have got lots of good memories with the group and hope we have loads more to come we also have the best man you could ever get on with, David O'Neill aka god. love to all

   Anna. xx

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